If you are looking for a blockchain network with minimal energy consumption, then you've come to the right place. The advantage of the Proof-of-Authority (POA) algorithm is that, in contrast to Proof-of-Work (POW), it requires much less power, no more in fact than watching a show on TV.


SparkNet is an independent blockchain running on Ethereum technology. It was designed to support blockchain applications that need public access to boost their project’s credibility while still guaranteeing affordability for their users over the lifetime of the solution.
Everyone can access blockchain data through the block explorer or link his own SparkNet node with the network.
To submit transactions it needs some SparkNet Ether ("gas"). There are various ways to obtain free gas.
The creation of blocks is restricted to a limited number of authorized nodes in a POA network, the "validators".


Network statistics
This site shows the statistics of validators and nodes on the network, however as this participation is voluntary it doesn't represent the entire state of SparkNet.
Blockchain explorer
Explore blocks, transactions, and input or output data.


An authority within a POA network is a privileged participant. The privilege is to sign and validate and thereby "create" new blocks. This is done by a standard tool as provided by the Ethereum community. There is no block reward granted to the validators. It is about contributing stability and credibility to the network while at the same time being part of a growing blockchain ecosystem.
Validators are real persons or entities, such as lawyers, internet service providers, or companies. A majority consensus is needed to add or remove validators from the network. Unlike a POW mechanism, there is no way to just set up a node and start validating.
CoreLedger is a provider of Token Economy and blockchain infrastructure solutions. Their flagship product is CORELEDGER TEOS, a Token Economy Operating System that can be used for a huge variety of use cases. They also offer an Active Sandbox product using SparkNet to help Startups and SMEs save upfront development and testing costs.
Hegit realizes apps, websites, and other custom projects, including working with white labeled CORELEDGER TEOS solutions.
Working with white labeled CORELEDGER TEOS products, Perfect Art helps customers remain competitive and win new markets. Focusing on the digital transformation journey, leveraging emerging technologies and trends, Perfect Art specializes in analytics services and data platforms, agile product development, and cloud and hybrid infrastructure for digital enterprises. Perfect Art uses technology to create superior user experiences and deliver innovative solutions.
Ambitorio acts as an intermediary between digital products and their physical implementations and as a provider of the secured business platform - a unique one-for-all data transaction solution based on Blockchain that is 100% pseudonymous and secure. Files can be encrypted and uploaded to cloud storage. The permission to access, download and decrypt the files is implemented as an Access token on blockchain. You can track each download with full transparency and use the solution to either monetize your data or simply protect it against unauthorized access, even though you are using the internet as the transmission protocol.
Notardec's solutions allow customers to certify data on blockchain. The NOTRZR app and API are not only great for enterprise applications, such as law firms, but also add a much needed bridge between the physical and digital realities that makes tokenization of real assets trustworthy.
With their deep knowledge of tokenization, Zett is a great partner to discuss token economy solutions with. Issuing a token through CORELEDGER TEOS is a convenient way to have assets both in today’s ERC-20 world, where one can use exchange protocols like Uniswap, and CoreLedger’s own platform with it's TokenWARP technology.
5.00 sec
Average Block Time
Gas Limit
Transactions per Second
1.8 gwei
Validator Gas Price

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