Do validators get a block reward?
No, there is no block reward in the POA consensus mechanism, however validators get the gas fees of the transactions in their blocks.
How does a person/organization become a validator?
Basically by applying and by using SparkNet for your own project. Validators must be involved and have “skin in the game” so they have an incentive to keep their node up and running 24x7. Furthermore, being a validator requires a trustworthy name or organization.
How does SparkNet compete with all the other blockchains?
There is no incentive or need to compete with any other blockchain. It can easily coexist with all the other blockchains and sidechains.
How can one run a project on SparkNet?
The easiest way is to use CORELEDGER TEOS, as it integrates seamlessly with SparkNet and makes sure your wallets are always supplied with SparkNet ether. Apart from that, it is “public transact”, which means you only need the genesis.json and you can then run your own node. With some SparkNet ether you can submit transactions.
How do I get SparkNet Ether?
Projects running on SparkNet that are built on CORELEDGER TEOS will automatically have their wallets filled and refilled with SparkNet ether.
Is there a marketplace for Sparknet Ether?
No, it does not have a market price. It would go against the intended purpose of SparkNet if its ether was sold. However, it does not exclude the possibility that it might be traded by third parties any time in the future, but it is not the intention of the SparkNet operators to make a business out of selling SparkNet Ether.
Is SparkNet linked with the Ethereum mainnet or any other blockchain?
No, there are no native links between the two blockchains as of today. Any such connection must be added programmatically.
Are there any restrictions as to what is technically possible on SparkNet?
SparkNet runs on Ethereum technology and uses the most recent version of the Geth client. In short, it can do whatever the Ethereum mainnet can do too.
Can SparkNet become congested like the Ethereum mainnet?
There are two main factors which prevent congestion. 1) SparkNet Ether are distributed by the operators to their projects based on a fair-use principle. 2) The gas limit can be increased any time.
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